Posted by: minhdotnet | July 7, 2009

I’m turning 27!

I’m officially turning 27 tomorrow (July 7).  Wow, time just seems to fly by so quickly.  I’m not looking forward to getting older and I’m definitely not thrill about approaching the 30s:-).  However, I’m excited about the future.  Day be day, nothing seems to change.  However, things will definitely be different in a couple of years from now.  Overall, life is good right now.  I can’t ask for more.  I appreciate the company of all of my friends, my family, and especially my girlfriend – Thao.  So yeah…Let’s party this weekend.



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYFRIEND!!!! 🙂 ARE you ready for HOOTER TOMORROW after work!?!??!! im sure do!! *wink-winK* bUT im your FaVORITE okay!!!! =P

    Can’t wait until we’re 30!!!

    YAH PARTY PARTY!! ahaha..

    Happy birthday hunny bunny! Muah x 27!

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